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National BioResource Project 「Pathogenic microorganisms (Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoa)」


This project is carried out by Chiba University’s Medical Mycology Research Center (pathogenic fungi/actinomycetes), Osaka University’s Research Institute for Microbial Diseases (pathogenic bacteria), Gifu University’s Graduate School of Medicine (pathogenic bacteria), and Nagasaki University’s Institute of Tropical Medicine (pathogenic protozoa). Together, they cooperate in various efforts to support education and research pertaining to infectious diseases and pathogens. Specifically, they are developing a system for collection, preservation, and distribution of pathogenic microorganisms, and they supply reliable strains of pathogenic microorganisms that are backed by high-level information. They also contribute to efforts aimed at conquering infectious diseases and countering bioterrorism.

Since the project deals with pathogenic microorganisms, there are some resources that have restricted database access or require clients to furnish details of their organization. Those interested in ordering resources are asked to consult with a project representative.

Takashi Yaguchi   
Head of Management Unit, Division of Bio-resouces, Medical Mycology Research Center, Chiba University